Volume 1 Number 4 October - December 2013 DOI:10.47837/cmj.19770126.nma.20131410124 https://cmj.nmasokoto.org
Shehu CE, Panti AA, Ukwu AE, Adoke AU.

Virginity, for females, is defined by an intact hymen. Pregnancy in the presence of an intact hymen is a rare occurrence. We report a case of hydatidiform mole in a 26 year old single lady with intact hymen. She presented with three months history of amenorrhea, lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding with passage of vesicles. The patient denied any history of penetrative sexual intercourse but volunteered a history of two episodes of intense romance with her boyfriend with resultant ejaculation of semen on her thighs. A pelvic mass of about 22 weeks size, without discernible fetal parts was palpable on abdominal examination while pelvic examination revealed a normal vulva and vagina smeared with altered blood, with an intact hymenal ring. She had suction evacuation and histology confirmed complete hydatidiform mole. The hymen was torn during the procedure and she is on follow up. The intention of this report is to alert clinicians that an abnormal, premalignant tumour can be a complication of pregnancy in a virgin. Intact hymen, pregnancy, hydatidiform mole Keywords

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